Art Chairs & More

The 2017Art Chairs & More Auction was a huge success – thanks to you!

Thanks to all the artists and to all of you who came and placed your generous bids – your donations will provide college scholarships for young Bisbee women through the Bisbee Woman’s Club.


This amazing chair, titled Roots of My Land, came all the way from Cananea, Mexico courtesy of the artist, Miguel Angel Escarcega, who won the People’s Choice Award! It is a stunning piece of work, featuring a Huichol tapestry and beautifully crafted woodwork.


This Wonder Woman bench by Don Newlon  will definitely brighten up some super hero’s home!


Bisbee artist Mary Jane Bank created a popular chair, complete with a painting of Old Bisbee’s charming Main Street.


Debbie Gardner, last year’s People’s Choice winner, outdid herself again this year with several entries including this whimsical cactus chair, complete with iguana.

Enjoy the photo gallery below – and see you next year!

HortonChair    LipsChair    BenchGirl    AntelopeChair    ElephantScreen

StorybookBench    CopperTable

TasselChair    BoosterChair





2016 Art Chairs & More Auction Highlights

Debbie Gardner with her incredible crocheted chair, which was voted to be the Crowd Favorite at the 2016 Art Chairs & More auciont.

Debbie Gardner with her incredible crocheted chair, which was voted to be the Crowd Favorite at the 2016 Art Chairs & More auction. Congrats, Deb!

Huge thanks to all our talented artists and especially to those of you who voted and purchased art – you’ve helped the Woman’s Club to provide college scholarships for deserving young Bisbee women.

Click this link: chairauction for a complete list of 2016 artists and their work, and enjoy couple of samples from this year’s show below:


At left, Lollie Yancey’s mermaid, created from gourds and seeds, will be gracing one of the suites at the Bisbee Grand Hotel!









Don and Irene Newlon created this incredible Day of the Dead bench, which will beautify some lucky bidder’s garden.









2015 Art Chairs & More Auction

Below, Mark Smelser with his 2015 Best of Show Chair, entitled “Warren” – an homage to his neighborhood and its namesake. The votes were tight for Best of Show because there were so many great entries… thanks to all our incredibly talented artists – and those of you who bid on their work. Your contributions will be used for college scholarships for young Bisbee women.

Click the link below for a listing of all the participating artists and their work.



The creativity and talent in this town is so amazing… here are a few other examples of the art for the home that were part of the 2015 auction.


This seamstress chair by Irene Newlon and Mary Streete was incredible in its detail and craftsmanship. It’s an actual antique chair, with a pull – out drawer for supplies and decoupaged box and pincushion included.


The magazine rack above by Bisbee artist Judy Perry was a highly bid upon item as well… a true Bisbee classic, just right for those messy magazines and newspapers lying around the living room…


Colleen Pardee’s barrel cactus footstool looks prickly – but it’s not!


This amazing Iris screen by Trisha Steiner was one of two she brought to the show – so beautifully detailed.

We wish you could see them all – please join us for next year’s show – it will be on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, 2016!

2014 Art Chairs and More Auction

By popular request, here’s a link to the list of all the terrific artists who participated last year.
ChairAuctionArtists Sheet1

The photos below show the detailed work on the fantastic 2014 Best of Show chair, entitled “Hay Mas Tiempo” by artist Tamara Page, as well as other viewer favorites. Enjoy!



Copper Chair with Silver Moon, by Marcela Lubian

Bisbee Headboard by Judy Perry

Bisbee Headboard by Judy Perry

Andrea Thompson's suitcases, entitled

Andrea Thompson’s suitcases, entitled “Destination Nowhere”

“Ella’s Chair” by Mary Jane Bank – a hand-painted high chair and tiny matching children’s book.

This chair by Antoinette Walker, entitled “Sweet Desert Home” was a crowd favorite.

“Treasure Chest” by Alan Hayward.


The “Live,Love,Laugh” bench by Don and Irene Newlon

A memorial to Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl, beloved Bisbee residents.

A memorial to Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl, beloved Bisbee residents, by James Zuvella.

A child's table and chairs, complete with instructions, by MJ Bank.

A Child’s Table of Manners Primer, complete with instructions for setting a table, by MJ Bank.

Day of the Dead chair by Charlie Onehorse.

Day of the Dead chair by Charlie One Horse.

Cycles, a table by Marcella C. Lubian.

Cycles, a table by Marcella C. Lubian.

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